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It's All Over - The Best of The Broken Family Band

November 2013

The Broken Family Band have a special record coming out this year! It's All Over - The Best of The Broken Family Band is a celebration of the band's history. All their favourite songs brought together on a remastered album presented in a beautifully designed full colour hardback book full of pictures from the band's career.

To celebrate the release, much of the band's original recordings are going to be made available digitally for the first time in a long time. All the albums and several of the singles will soon be available to download and stream.

The new album is going to be out in time for Christmas. The first edition of the book is limited to a short run of 500 and is available to buy directly from the band's shop before going on sale nationwide in January 2014.

 It's All Over - The Best of The Broken Family Band

Where Are They Now?

December 2012

Steven recorded two albums with Singing Adams. Their first album 'Everybody Friends Now' and last year's 'Moves' are available to buy here.

Gavin was going to send in a recipe but he's obviously too busy putting an extension on his kitchen.

Micky has hung up his drums for a while and is focussing on cycling.

Jay now plays with The Judge Reinholds.


We're doneNovember 1st 2009

Last night we played our last show. It only remains for us to say thanks to everyone for eighty-four faintly amusing years. So...

Thank you to everyone who's played or sung with us, especially Timothy Victor, Nick Jeeves, Nick Wilsdon, Rob W. Jackson, Mary Epworth, Matt Hutchinson, Martin Green, Inge Thomson, Samantha Parton, Joe Bennett, Torsten Larsen, the Neill Children, Gill Sandell, Eddi Reader, Stacey Gow, Daniel Lapp, Howard Monk and Jen Macro. And thank you everyone who's made our records look tasty or tried to make our website work all nice, especially Danny & Rob & everyone at The Church Of London, Dan Hillier, Tim Mitchell, James Leslie, Gareth Senior, Richard Hawkes, Joel Morris, Jenni Doggett and Anna Wray.

 BFB Final Gig

We're very grateful to everyone who we've recorded with (and the people who tampered with our recordings to make them better) especially Owen Turner, Coupar and Ollie (for recording our first efforts so well and for getting us so stoned), Brian O'Shaughnessy, Ian Painter, George Shilling, Ben "Rogue Element" Medcalfe, Steve Rooke, Clive Painter, George The Flame and all the great BBC engineers at Maida Vale.

Massive thanks to everyone who stuck their necks out for us, especially Steven Drew at Track & Field, all the good folk at Cooking Vinyl, Chris Kidson and his Snowstom Records, David McGinnis and Andrew King at Mute Song, Emma Hogan for spotting us in the first place, Natalie Mirkin, Katie & Richard Harris, John Peel, Eddie Barcan and all at Cambridge Folk Festival, Tim Perry at the Windmill in Brixton, Phil and Mickey at The Stool Pigeon, Will at In House, Joe Striebl and everyone at the VSA, Mark Lamarr, Rob Da Bank, Colin Murray, Charlie Gillett, Jon Kennedy at XFM, Phil Jupitus, Phil Wilding, Gideon Coe, Marc Riley and everyone else who's supported us at 6Music, everyone at Loose Ends, whoever picked It's All Over for Skins, Joey and Smitty in Belfast, Come Down And Meet The Folks, Stephen and Ali at What's Cookin', Ash Kollakowski for all the Leeds shows, Sofia Hagberg and all at End Of The Road, The Portland Arms in Cambridge, Jo Brand, Pete Edwards and everyone at The Junction, Jo at Green Man Festival, Toby Darling, Lakland Basses, Peavey, TAMA, everyone at at Drumshop, Lawrence & The Champion Of The Thames, The Palomino in Newmarket (!), Sam Inglis, Aschlin Ditta, Simon Loynes at Harvest Time, Glitterhouse Records, Antistar, Love To Art in Spain, Jesus at Acuarela, Marko Perendija and the Salivating video crew, Jonny Hopkins and the Leaps video crew, Natalie Toumbas, Jon in Macclesfield, Cristian Barros and Benze.

 BFB Final Gig

Sincere thanks to everyone who came to the shows, told some friends, wrote a kind review, bigged us up on the internet, made a crappy fan video, sent us emails, helped set up or pack up the drums, carried our stuff, clapped, cheered, talked through a song, or took £20 to leave but actually just stood at the back... everyone who shouted 'Radar!' or 'Badger!' or 'Robots!' or 'John Belushi!', (nearly) everyone who's party/wedding/weird festival we played at... and to the bands who made it all a little more bearable as well, especially Absentee, Chris T-T, The Clientele, Herman Dune, Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards, The National, Hope & Social, The Folk Orchestra, Fonda 500, John Smith, Athlete, Dan Mangan, Knife In The Water, Milton Mapes, Show Without Punch, Pacific Ocean Fire, The Delawares, Brakes, The Pony Collaboration, The Frames, Um, CRS, Larsen & Furious Jane (and the good people of Aarhus!), Dive Dive, Candidate, Captain Kennedy and of course the almighty and otherworldly Magoo.

 BFB + Rapper

A big thanks to the big men in our corner, holding the towels for the final round. That’s Justin 'Jazz' Crane, Garry Boorman, James Alderman and everyone at Free Trade.

Finally, thanks to our other friends and families for helping to make it all so much fun, especially Georgia Johnson, Kirsteen and Max Williams, Sadie Butler, Elizabeth Bone, The Johnsons, The Edwards, Brian, Doris and Charlotte Penny, Mama Etches, Ellie Walker, Conor Masterson, Chloe and Sam Charrington, Simon and Anna Butler, Mr & Mrs Soupy-Maguire, Mama Roman, Nana and Pop Catlin, Kimberley Jane Roman, Mr & Mrs Logie, Andy the Birdman and his lady, Ally Mofo, 55 Ross Street (new and old), The Westgate Pecks, Ryan and Liam, The Martins, Robin "Sexual" Harrison, everyone at Imerge, everyone at Gift, everyone at Play – HM, PG, DT and BB, Jason Smith and thanks to the Rayner Family for the good times in the countryside.

Here is a video of our final song at our final gig